24 aprile 2015
24 aprile 2015
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A measurement of weight: . A short ton, used for rough calculations, is 2,000 pounds. This “abbreviated” ton is used in cargo operations, particularly when working with break bulk cargo. It useful for doing mental quick calculations. . A long ton, also known as gross ton, used for more precise calculations, is 2,240 pounds. The genesis of the long ton goes back to the 13th century, when merchant ships carried large cargoes of wine in giant casks, which were called “tuns.” The number of tuns a ship could carry was a rough gauge of her capacity. By the 15th century, England had established a standard for the wine-filled tun: a capacity of 250 gallons, which converted to 2,240 pounds. In the 17th century, long after wine ceased to be a major cargo, usage brought about the modern spelling of ton.

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